October 08, 2014

Social justice in the handbag

In recent years, fashion and good crossover in combination with present alive weather, in the process also Michael Kors Bedford Large Red Shoulder Bags cheap led to more and more full of good feelings. One of the very striking trend, it is quite a number of brands or products from the first day of the birth and stick to the "poor women to help developing countries improve life" this topic. This kind of products in addition to meet consumer demand for functional, also provides the new train of thought to solve the problem of social.

Handbags brand Popinjay establishment original intention, for example, is the part to help with embroidery skills of Pakistani women rely on their own hands to get rid of poverty. When its founder Saba Gul years ago is still a graduate student at MIT, she overheard a story Michael Kors Embossed Large Brown Hobo cheap then laid a Popinjay values in the future: an Afghan girl named Azaada Khan in order to have the opportunity to go to school, in the 12 years of time have been disguised as a boy himself. In the summer of 2011, Gul Attock trip to Pakistan, local just happened to be ever helped Azaada supported by an NGO community, then began Gul was there about Popinjay handbag made of pilot, provide training and employment opportunities to local women.

Gul was chosen from the United States to return to their hometown Pakistan establish Popinjay, first,Michael Kors Logo Signature Large White Multicolor Crossbody Bags cheap because she knew that the country's women's social and economic rights are neglected. And from the Angle of the arts and crafts heritage, there have a very long history and culture -- a combination of both, to support local women rely on handicraft skills to realize the economic autonomy model provides a very suitable soil.

Popinjay organized one hundred and fifty local women in Hafizabad village community center to participate in job training, four hours a day. In fact, these women are spontaneously in the process of growth with the basic skills of sewing, embroidery, and the purpose of Michael Kors Blake Zip-top Large White Hobo cheap this training is to help them to upgrade skills to to high-end products to enter the international market standard. In this sense, the handbag not only let the women have the skill of making a living, also gave them a broader stage of internationalization, let they have "his work to have the opportunity to be seen around the world" in the sense of pride.

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