October 10, 2014

14 handbags to qiu dong 7 types more give prize

Another autumn winter coming, in addition to the clothes make you different from the past the edition, many bags also colorful, from Chanel supermarket shopping basket to Burberry woven cloth Michael Kors Blake Zip-top Large White Hobo cheap art, only unexpected, no can't do. We summed up the handbag fashion trend of 2014 autumn winters, 7 types of the most revealing, whether material, process, or color, style, there is always a can make you be glowing.

For a long time, autumn and winter handbags has been ruled by leather and fur, but this year with the new situation. Often used in spring and summer series of coarse cloth, brocade, and Michael Kors Chain Large White Shoulder Bags cheap in the design of knitted fabrics in this season, whether it be a Burberry full of countryside literary feelings, cloth handbags with hand-painted patterns, or Armani superior Italian handmade wool woven bag, the bucket is a new season good item is surely worth a try.

Along with the continuously advance human exploration of space, 60 s and early '70 s a agitation, space science, appeared in the movie is about star story, T stage show is the star image.Michael Kors Chain Large White Hobo cheap Wind again this year qiu dong space resurgence, embodied in the use of all kinds of metal elements, gold, silver, copper color leather on the model's hand, and what is more directly to the metal used for handbags shell, dazzling shine led us into a future world, just look!

Concise design, practical, low-key style increasingly become the mainstream, leading the new luxury under knowledge economy, and pure material on the basis of the old luxury is outdated, so in the popular trend of qiu dong season, fur accounted for less than the column, Michael Kors Embossed Large Brown Hobo cheap less to be used in almost all the bags. In detail, the color become more common, artificial fur economy and environmental protection, warmth retention property, at the same time it is no wonder that become the designer's lover.

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